Fermata Studio: Our teaching method

We have been blessed by the passion and inspiration shared by our music instructors at the Gnesins College and Academy in Moscow. Those teachers absorbed the best from Russian music pedagogy and world culture, inspired themselves by such Russian musical icons as Lev Naumov, Eugeny Timakin, Vera Gornostaeva, Teodor Gutman and Alexander Satz. They assumed that it was their duty to pass on their knowledge and love of music to others. It is this standard and principle that we, in turn, find it our duty to follow.

We wish our students to express themselves through music, to derive great joy from playing an instrument, and to pass on that joy of music to others. To accomplish this, we cultivate each student's understanding of the music to be played and combine that with the necessary techniques to enable a full range of musical expression. We place particular emphasis on helping the students to play confidently and comfortably, without stiffness or tension. We inspire students to practice willingly, to assess their own progress and to recognize and remedy areas needing improvement.

Most importantly, we recognize that each student is an individual. We customize an approach that suits each and every student, regardless of his or her age, temperament, and level of skill or experience.